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Big Softy Fabric Softener
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Big Softy Fabric Softener

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Texize® cleaning products have been used for generations, making us one of America’s most trusted brands. Big Softy gives your clothes a pleasant feel and super scent. Compare to the other name brands and you will see why Big Softy is a simple choice.
Directions: For NORMAL wash loads use 2 ounces. For LARGE loads use 3 ounces. Add to the final rinse cycle. Do not pour directly on fabrics. If spotting occurs, wet fabric and rub with a mild bar soap and rinse. For high efficiency machines, use half the recommended amount. For use in ALL water temperatures. Do not use on children’s sleepwear or other flame resistant garments as it may reduce flame resistance. Do not use on fluffier fabrics such as fleece and terry cloth. The use of liquid fabric softener may increase flammability of such items by increasing fluffiness.