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Spiffy Tiffy Multi-Surface Cleaner
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Spiffy Tiffy Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Texize® cleaning products have been used for generations, making us one of America’s most trusted brands. Spiffy Tiffy has a powerful formula and a pleasant scent. Compare to the other name brands and you will see why Spiffy Tiffy is a simple choice.
Directions: For general cleaning, use 2-3 oz. per gallon of water. Usually no rinse is required. Use full strength for tough jobs. Apply directly to soiled surface. Wipe and rinse. On wood and painted surfaces, only use diluted. Not recommended on carpets, upholstery, aluminum, glass, or laundry. Do not mix with bleach or ammonia, as irritating fumes may result. Always rinse surfaces with direct food contact