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Big Rig - Truck & Equipment Cleaner
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Big Rig - Truck & Equipment Cleaner

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Texize® cleaning products have been used for generations, making us one of America’s most trusted brands. Big Rig is biodegradable, concentrated, and safe for pressure washer pumps. The high performance formula of Big Rig provides industrial strength cleaning power for a multitude of applications.
Directions: For best results, surface should be cool to the touch, and applied out of direct sunlight. Dilute Big Rig as needed. Note* Most pressure washer injectors are preset to dilute product at 10:1 ratio. Apply with low -pressure mist on surface to be cleaned. Brush area if needed. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Professional Tips: Do not allow product to dry before rinsing. Always test inconspicuous area before applying to entire surface. Do not use on polished aluminum. Be aware of plants and shrubs: wet prior to and after application of product. Always wear your gloves and eye protection.