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BD-6 Multi-Purpose Cleaner
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BD-6 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Texize® cleaning products have been used for generations, making us one of America’s most trusted brands. BD-6 is biodegradable, concentrated, and safe for pressure washer pumps. The environmentally-friendly formula of BD-6 provides industrial strength cleaning power for a multitude of applications.
Directions: For best results, surface should be cool to the touch, and applied out of direct sunlight. Dilute BD-6 as needed. Note* Most pressure washer injectors are preset to dilute product at 10:1 ratio. Apply with low -pressure mist on surface to be cleaned. Brush area if needed. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Professional Tips: Do not allow product to dry before rinsing. Always test inconspicuous area before applying to entire surface. Do not use on polished aluminum. Be aware of plants and shrubs: wet prior to and after application of product. Always wear your gloves and eye protection.